Scarf brings Russian dance to life

Scarf "Russian dance" (design from the painting "Russian dance") The source of inspiration is the nature itself. Admiring the nature, we notice its infinite variety of shapes, designs, colors and shades. Stylization is the art and ability to watch, to choose, to see the world around us in your own way, and, based on the natures harmony, create different variations of the beauty around us. Flowers are the harmony of nature. They bring us happiness, joy and positive energy. Dancing of the flowers is a swirling and rhythmic motion in harmony with nature. In many myths, God creates the world through dancing. A dance is the symbol of the universe and creation. The art is perceived through movement. The rhythm of a dance is a cosmic movement, accumulation and concentration of power and energy. A Russian dance is a circle dance. It is associated with the images of the Russian nature, work and everyday life. The painting depicts the intertwined flowers dancing in a circle.We are planning to hold a series of art exhibitions dedicated to the theme Russian style. The painting "Russian dance" is filled with a combination of blue, turquoise and red colours. There are numerous patterns in the Russian style and beautifully expressed details. The painting shows joy and happiness.


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