Exotic bird and Greek mythology...the Garden of Eden scarf.

What other symbols and secrets found in the design of this amazing, bright, sunny and exotic scarf from the Garden of Eden by Artloor? Here, for example, the value of the birds in it: their image were made in the age of ancient Egypt. Birds can fly and they symbolize the relationship between heaven and earth. On a bright scarf is an exotic Pavlin - the bird of the sun. In Greek mythology, Zeus's wife, Hera, and in Burma, the Pavlin is a bird of the imperial house. In India it stands for immortality and for the Muslims is a cosmic character. In Europe, the Pavlin is a symbol of beauty!

Spring yellow, bright, sunny and golden. This silk scarf by Artloor called "Garden of Eden" in a series of paintings "Dreams" by artist Maria Andrade Andrade - a reminder of the dream world, birds of paradise and divine flowers. Touch the magic, the forbidden and the beautiful.


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