ARTLOOR was founded by two sisters Maria and Diana, and it is them who take part in the creative process of making exclusive silk scarves.

You will not be able to find such scarves anywhere, because the base of the tracery are real paintings, art, transposed from the painting on the cloth by artist-designer Maria Andrade Andrade.
Maria is artist-designer by education, she does paintings on linens with acryl, tempera, oils and gold.

With the help of computer technologies, these patterns, flowers, color strokes turn into beautiful scarves with exclusive design.
Scarves and shawls by Artloor undergo a long and complicated production process, and in the end you get a perfect accessory of high quality materials made in Italy: cashmere, silk and wool. 

Each collection is unique, limited and all the designs are exclusively created and well-thought-out to the smallest detail.
You do not only get a new stylish accessory, but also a piece of art, created with love and passion.